JULY 21, 2008 – UPDATES
Life gets in the way sometimes — hence the lack of updates. But all versions of “SONGS FROM THE SPARKLE LOUNGE” are now in the database, and the three main versions of the latest single “C’MON C’MON” have also been added.
APRIL 28, 2008 – UPDATES
The band’s new album will be out tomorrow (in the States and CANADA), so the first five versions of “SONGS FROM THE SPARKLE LOUNGE” have been added. Japanese version will be added as soon as I get it, and any other version will be added soon (if there are any more).
Far from up-to-date (everything 1987-2005 is just not here yet), but I’ll try to at least keep this updated with all post-2005 releases; which is why I’ve added “NINE LIVES” for now. Hey, it’s a start, and just to let you know I haven’t gone anywhere. The “HYSTERIA” stuff will be coming soon.
Items 365-417 have been added to the database: all releases of “ROCKET” should be done now (though a few scans are still needed). Next up are all CD/LP/MC releases of the “HYSTERIA” album…..but don’t expect these to be added before 2008.
David sent some of the missing covers for all cassette singles. Further updates (“ROCKET”) coming soon, hopefully!
JULY 1, 2007 – UPDATES
Items 323-351 have been added to the database:
“LOVE BITES” single releases
JUNE 16, 2007 – UPDATES
Need to clean up my place, and the collection of “YEAH!“-related releases is still sitting on a shelf. So before I boxed the CDs and DVDs, I scanned the stuff, added it to the database and finished up the rest. Got that out of the way, then: 13 “YEAH!“-related releases
Also, most standard official DVD releases have been added.
JUNE 15, 2007 – UPDATES
Realized that a bunch of 7″ single labels of which I thought were just generic Mercury labels, did have the Def Leppard logo printed on it. Since I’ve always had the idea that items in the discography will include a scan of the label if there is any kind of custom Def Leppard artwork on it, these were added to the database.

Of course, being the completist that I am, I am now wondering if I should also include the back covers for all the items as well…..

Also, items 250-290 have been added to the database:
“HYSTERIA” single releases
“ARMAGEDDON IT” single releases
“RIDE INTO THE SUN” promo 12″
– two sampler releases
JUNE 10, 2007 – UPDATES
Items 228-249 have been added:
JUNE 9, 2007 – UPDATES
Items 191-227 have been added:
“WOMEN” releases
“ANIMAL” releases
JUNE 8, 2007 – UPDATES
Bought a scanner so I could scan some labels, so there’s some slight graphical additions to 10 items. Moving on to the “HYSTERIA“-era now…..
JUNE 3, 2007 – UPDATES
Made some finishing touches to some 1979-1983 releases. Should be starting with all 1987 releases pretty soon…..
Also coming soon: a word from Kathleen Clark, original official Def Leppard discographist.
Items 79-179 have been added:
– “HIGH ‘N’ DRY” CDs & tapes
– “PYROMANIA” albums (all formats)
– all singles taken from “PYROMANIA

At this point, we should be pretty much done (yeah right!) with all pre-“HYSTERIA” releases…..
Items 41-78 have been added:
– “HIGH ‘N DRY” vinyl LPs
– 7″ singles and 12″ maxi singles taken from “HIGH ‘N DRY
– 1984 versions of “BRINGIN’ ON THE HEARTBREAK” singles
– few more “ON THROUGH THE NIGHT“-items
MARCH 8, 2007 – SITE IS UP
It’s been a while since I’ve had an unofficial Def Leppard site, but here we go. Not too many cheeky comments to be found here, that’s not what this site is about. I mean, I’m not as British as, say, Ross Halfin (to name just an example).

So here we are at the start of a Massive project: the online Def Leppard discography database. Also known as an attempt to catalogue as many official Def Leppard releases as possible. Probably not something for the “average” Def Leppard fan, but more for collectors, or those who need a reference every now and then. There’s really not that many people who go “I’ve always wondered what the catalogue number was of that one single with the swimming boy on it!” after all.

It’s starting quite small, with only a little over two dozen items in the database, but you gotta start somewhere. We’ll end up with hundreds of items soon enough anyways.

Don’t worry about the graphics at the top of this page (quickly assembled), the hideous front page, or the lack of a search functionality (no out-of-the-box software to catalogue and search is used, and you try programming query codes yourself when you’ve just figured out how databases actually work). Busy with all of that.

So there. Who knows this thing may come in handy one day.

And oh, one more thing, just so you know. This site is not officially sanctioned, supported, paid for, overseen, or supported by Def Leppard, their management, their record label, or anyone else other than a bunch’o’fans.